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API (SWC) “Code Navigation Error” when Ctrl+Left Click in Flex Builder

November 22, 2010

You’ve added your SWC to the build path, and it works fine. But, when you want to view a source file (ctrl+left click on the function name for example), you get an error. This use to bug me.

You need to edit the Source Attachment directory location in the Build Path (right click on the project name, and click properties/build path). Click the edit button for the Source Attachment, and point to the ‘src ‘ folder of the api zip file you downloaded. It may be the case that your import statement looks like “import;” but the file structure is src/main/flex/com/mc/.. : in this case set the source attachment folder to point to ..src/main/flex, i.e. the last folder before the imported package.

Flex Builder - src build path