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Adobe Air to Exe – Packaging Air app in Windows executable

February 23, 2010

In AIR 2 you can build an EXE installer file for distributing an AIR application on Windows. I was getting a good few errors at the start trying this (it was a bit of a pain really), so to ease your experience of AIR to EXE, here are the steps I took to complete the process (btw, its just a fluke it worked out to 10 steps, only numbered it retrospectively!).

UPDATE: Serje Jespers created a drag-n-drop tool to accomplish this task, have a look here

I have a follow-up post also, to show how to package the AIR application EXE file, with the AIR runtime .EXE as a single setup file using InstallJammer! – link

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Firslty, some of the command prompt error messages I was seeing.

  • -storetype is required
  • unable to create temp file in output directory
  • Java not a recognised command

1. Update your Air SDK from Air 1.x to Air 2 Beta 2(its in Beta 2 at the time of writing, but at least Air 2.0 is needed), and also install the Air 2.0 runtime.

2. Once downloaded, look up follow the steps carefully in How to overlay the Adobe AIR SDK for use with the Flex SDK.

3. In the app.xml file (or whatever your .xml app file is called) in the Flex Builder project, you have to add the following line:

<supportedProfiles>extendedDesktop desktop</supportedProfiles>

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