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Installing Flash Player 9: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (for testing)

December 9, 2010

Trying to test your Flash/Flex apps on older versions of Flash Player? I was, and did the following.

Check currently running Flash Player version in each of the browsers at Adobe Player Check.

Downlaod Flash 9 archive from here, in my case the first one under Windows sufficed, unzip and install flashplayer9r280_win.exe.


Go to Tools (Wrench), Options, Under the Hood, Plugins, Disable Individual Plugins.

Expand the details for the Flash install, and edit as shown below (disable ver 10 basically):

Disable Flash 10

Set your browser to Chrome in Flex Builder:

Flex Builder browser selection


Firefox is simpler, after installing Flash 9 exe, just check in Firefox, Tools, Add-ons, Plug-ins, it should have automatically switched version. If not, disable version 10 first, then reinstall ver 9.

Internet Explorer:

You will firstly need to uninstall Flash Player 10, following these instructions. Make sure that all flash using programs are closed (incl Flash/Flex Builder). After the uninstall is complete, install flashplayer9r280_winax.exe from the zip you downloaded. Check IE Flash Player version in Tools/Options/Programs/Manage Add-ons


Great, after doing the uninstall for IE, and your testing is complete,  now you will need to reinstall Flash 10 Debugger Player from Adobe. This is a good reason to start using Sun Virtual Box!!!!