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Flash Builder 4 – ASDoc hints in the IDE, commenting for yourself!

November 24, 2010

A really nice feature in Flash Builder 4 is the displaying of ASDoc hints by default on hover over delay. Now it makes sense to comment the code with ASDoc tags, not just for API dev, but also because the hints will pop up for other developers on your team and yourself.

ASDoc FB4 IDE Hinting

This gives an added incentive for developers to comment their code with function/variable/class descriptions along with relevant @param, author, returns tags.

If you still want to generate and publish the actual ASDoc html files from within the FB4 IDE, heres a very good tutorial from Arjan on to get you sorted. I made one change to Arjan’s setting up the ASDoc.exe tool to run as an External tool rather than a command prompt. I set the ‘Working Directory’ to ${folder_prompt}, so that each time you run it, you get to choose which project folder you want to target (usually in you Flash/Flex Builder Workspace somewhere). Also, as we may need to target different versions of the Flex SDK, I’ve named the External Tool Configuration ASDoc SDK 3.4, to mimic the location of the ASDoc.exe.

External Tools Configuration - ASDoc Generation from within Flash Builder 4